Topics of the Columbus Comprehensive Review

Posted September 16, 2013 by admin

Soon, 300 obstetricians and gynecologists from across the country will settle in to Columbus for the comprehensive review conference. Ob/gyn physicians seeking up-to-date information, continuing their education, or looking to network with other professionals will use the Columbus comprehensive review to fulfill that need. Topics from across the spectrum of ob/gyn care will be presented and discussed.

Each day will have a different focus, with up to ten classes scheduled within a focus. We begin with the broad and get more specific as the conference goes on. Day 1 is gynecology and Day 2, gynecology/urogynecology. From there, the conference covers gynecologic oncology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility over two days, and reaches obstetrics and maternal fetal medicine for the final three days. Attendees are welcome to attend for the whole conference, or just for a day. Physicians have the ability to attend only the sessions relevant to them.

Each day ends with a short “case of the day” segment that incorporates the material from that particular day. Participants use their audience response cards to see how much they, as a group, have learned.

The Board Package allows interested attendees to stay for more intensive discussion of cases after each day is over. This additional package also provides for oral board review and prep. Fellows and others prepping for the general exams will find the Board Package especially useful so that they may study with other prospective physicians.

Learning does not have to be done entirely on your own. Take advantage of the Columbus comprehensive review! It’s not too late to register for this month’s conference. Give us a call to reserve your spot!