What to Expect from Your OB GYN Exams

Posted August 19, 2014 by admin

When it comes time to approach your ABOG written maintenance of certification test, careful preparation is important.  An essential aspect of careful test prep is a thorough understanding of what to expect.

Keep in mind that the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology requires any board certified OB/GYN who was certified more than twelve years ago but not “grandfathered in” to complete the certification to maintain a practicing license.  You get multiple opportunities to pass the test but with a busy schedule, no one wants to tackle this thing more than once.

General OB/GYNs must select two of the general tests available, choosing from OB, GYN, Office Practice, and an assortment of specialty categories.  Subspecialists are, of course, geared toward their own specialty plus one of the general tests.   The written portion is multiple choice and is not intended to trick or confuse you in any way.   It’s just as important for the ABOG to have passing competencies amongst practicing OB/GYNs as it is for you to pass your own certification test.  They want you to succeed.   That doesn’t mean they make it easy for you, however, and much of the oral examination is specially tailored to your own unique residency experience.

Sign up for the test on the ABOG website or via telephone (214.871.1619) and they will send a confirmation email to complete the registration process.   This email will include directions to the testing center and other practical pertinent directives.  You’ll be required to present the proper identification at the testing site where you’ll be taking your OB GYN exams.

Having prepared for the examinations with Perinatal Resources, you should have no trouble with the written or oral examinations.   Our goal is to give you the confidence in yourself and your accumulated professional expertise to achieve success without the headache.  If you have questions about the OB GYN examination process or content on the OB GYN exams, Perinatal Resources is here to help get you clarity and answers.

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