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A Statement on Power Morcellation

Posted February 16, 2015 by admin

Power morcellation, a procedure that uses a morcellator to break up large uterine fibroids or an enlarged uterus before removing them through small incisions, was used on 50,000 women each year until just a few months ago. Since December 2013, the FDA has seen over two dozen incidences of cancer being spread by using the powerful medical device. These reports feature women who have no previous history of the disease, and the results may have revealed a serious threat to Continue reading…

Topics of the Columbus Comprehensive Review

Posted September 16, 2013 by admin

Soon, 300 obstetricians and gynecologists from across the country will settle in to Columbus for the comprehensive review conference. Ob/gyn physicians seeking up-to-date information, continuing their education, or looking to network with other professionals will use the Columbus comprehensive review to fulfill that need. Topics from across the spectrum of ob/gyn care will be presented and discussed. Each day will have a different focus, with up to ten classes scheduled within a focus. We begin with the broad and get Continue reading…