Board Certification and Why it Matters

Posted January 30, 2015 by admin

When it comes to creating a healthy and strong relationship between doctor and patient, board certifications can help greatly. There are a few distinct benefits to board certification above and beyond simply having a plaque on your wall and knowing what a certification can do for you is the first step toward getting certified.

What Does Certification Mean?

Board certification first and foremost means that you have taken, passed, and performed satisfactorily to the standards that have been placed upon your profession by a board of  doctors and administrators that test them. To be board certified shows your patients that you went above and beyond the required licensing and certifications that are required by the state in which you practice.

Is Board Certification Required?

Quite simply, the only certification that is required for any doctor is licensing in your state of practice. You must take the proper classes and schooling but you are not required to take any further certifications or board tests in order to be a practicing physician. Though board certification is not required, it is recommended especially for new doctors that do not have a client base already in place or that want a bit of extra certification to prove that they are ready to begin their career.

What Can Certification do for You?

Certification does a few things. First, it proves to your patients that you are qualified to perform the procedures that you perform. It also tells patients that you have taken the time to go above and beyond what was required of you in terms of certifications. As board tests change all the time, keeping up your board certification also shows your patients that you are dedicated and determined to keep up with the current standards and what is required to be a skilled and dedicated physician. For OBGYNs the OBGYN board review is a critical part of their board certification.

Getting board certified is also a great way to stay in practice and stay in the loop as far as current standards and developments are concerned. Of course you will stay in proper certification by attending conferences and such, but board certification can help even more. The main benefit is of course that you can let your patients know that you are going to do whatever it takes to make them feel like you are dedicated and ready as well as qualified to do the procedures that you are performing. Certification gives your clients that extra bit of security when it comes to knowing that their doctor is qualified and ready to do whatever it takes to get them well.