What previous attendees said about the Columbus Course

“This course did an excellent job of prepping me for oral boards and for anticipating current topics to review. There were several topics that I was thoroughly questioned on that I would not have thought to review on my own. Well worth the money and time.” “I went to a different course to prepare for my oral boards 5 years ago. This one is comparable, though I was worried about the length (7 d!) vs 5d of other courses. Worth it!”

“I love this course. It keeps me up to date. Thank you so much for your hard work to make my busy life easier.”

“I finally understood urogynecology because it was presented so well and so clearly.”

“Thank you Beverly and all the staff for your kindness and support. Passing the oral boards is such a big relief. and it’s all thanks to God and you guys”

“Oral mock exams were essential to passing the boards”

“Great Course! Planning to go back in a couple years to help stay up to date. Thank you!”

“Great course. Excellent way to prepare for oral boards!”

“This was an excellent update and the patients in the practice are the recipient receiving better care because of this.”

“Been to many; this was the best.”

“This course is outstanding. I have been to them all. None compare. Congratulations for this monumental effort.”

“I will be recommending this course.”

“I am very pleased with this week. Excellent overall.”

“Superseded expectations; great lectures, concise format. This was definitely worth it. And I will “spread the word” back home. Thank you.”

“I love this conference so much! I’ll be back next year God willing.”

“This is the third time I have participated in the course since the late 90s and it has always proven to be very informative and up-to-date with the standard of care. I have been very pleased.”

“Excellent location, organization, selection of topics, and presenters.”

“Very helpful comprehensive review.”

“Great course. Lecturers were great, up to date, and gave relevant information.”

“Excellent. I feel energized and ready to implement much of the new/updated info I learned.”

“I plan to come back every so often for practice updates.”

“Conference is always excellent and I will continue to come for an update.”

“I recommend this course to everyone I know preparing for boards and in need of update. Keep up the great work.”

“The course was comprehensive enough with very respected faculty staff.”

“For the most part, these speakers were excellent and engaging. This week would have been impossible if they were boring speakers.”

“Really impressed by the level of speakers!”

“I have NEVER had such wonderful lecturers!! Will definitely recommend the course and will return for updates!”

“Excellent!! Complete!! Great Review”

“Excellent course, well organized, very precise, concise, excellent review”

“Amazing conference, will recommend to colleagues, will return in future when it’s time for maintenance of certification.”

“Excellent speakers!  Would definitely recommend this course to other colleagues”

“This review offers structure, will apply in the boards and in practice.  I will return periodically for review purposes and updates.”

“I really appreciated that all speakers used the most up to date research and recommendations.  After the conference I felt more prepared for the boards and even feel excited to make a few changes in my practice.

This was an amazing conference that I intend to continue going to intermittent throughout my career.  I will recommend this course to my colleagues.”

“Will recommend to my peers for either exam or practice update – thanks to all the speakers for their contributions this week. I appreciate that this is a nonprofit organization.”

“The course is definitely WELL organized, I will recommend to my colleagues to do the same course when they prep for their exam!”

“This course was superb in every way.  I had to come a bit late and leave a bit early, but I will be back.”

“Excellent course / review / staff / speakers – helpful not only for exam but for practice.”

“Thank you for an excellent course”

“You guys do a great job about sending reminders”

“This IS a comprehensive review for oral boards”

“I think this was an excellent and comprehensive course!”

“Excellent course, will recommend to everyone!”

“Best conference I have been to, very organized, very comprehensive and applicable, excellent syllabus”

“I feel that this course was an excellent adjunct to preparing for the oral boards.”

“Overall, this was a great course – I wish I had come while I was a resident”

“Really excellent – learned a lot”

“Overall excellent, I will recommend to others / colleagues”

“Excellent overall review course and good prep for board exams”

“This course has been extraordinary complete!”

“Felt very equipped, loved the course and it was overall a great experience.  Will recommend to others.”

“Was a great review!  Thanks!”

“I have been coming to this course for many years.  It’s always consistent.  It’s truly a wonderful learning experience.”

“As a past attendee, the Columbus review continues to be an excellent review and update for Ob/Gyn’s.  Plus the CMEs are much needed for licensure.”

“Great conference.  Thanks!”

“Great lecturers – all around – fun and entertaining”

“Excellent conference.  It was highly recommended by multiple people to take this course – I will highly recommend for others to take it.”

“Excellent course!  I took this course approximately 15 years ago and feel that I was well prepared.”

“Great conference!  Highly recommended.”

“Throughout the conference, I made a list of things to take back to my hospital and implement.  It is a joy to observe/review how OB/GYNs practice around the world and to get new ideas and updates.”

“This course was well put together.  There was not anything that needed to change.”

“Everything was great”

“I felt I learned so much by attending this course.”

“Loved the whole course!”

“This was a very well organized conference.  I will definitely come back!”

“This is a very good course.  I learned a lot which I don’t think I could do on my own.  It will help me a lot in preparing for the boards. I am happy that I attended this course.”

“Entire conference was well run and smooth.”

“I have learned a huge amount.  Not only in basic knowledge but also in patient care.”

“This was the most informative course I have ever attended in 25 years.”

“This has been one of the best conference experiences that I have had in 25 years of practice.  I came just to get some credits for hospital privileges but I am leaving with more excitement about learning and practicing obstetrics than ever before.”

“It was a lot of material to absorb but the faculty succeeded in making it exciting, and funny at times.  I’ll remember to biopsy every vulvar lesion and every visible lesion on the cervix.  I finally realize that I was in a “bloody business” – everybody was great but my favorite was Dr. Yeomans!  Thank you all again”

“Extensive and helpful review material not only for the boards but relevant for clinical practice”

“Excellent speakers with incredible experience and reputations academically.  All speakers has very updated information that I may not have received had I not come to this course.  I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues, and I plan to return to this course in the future to stay updated.”

“This course has been truly remarkable”

“Excellent review – I am very happy that I chose this course and will recommend it to all my friends.

This was a great course and was worth all the money spent.”

“This is an excellent course.  I will definitely recommend this course – in addition I will be back in 2-3 years for an update.”

“Great compact, comprehensive review”

“I thought the conference was excellent.  The material presented will make a great study tool in preparation for my oral boards.  I would like to return every 5 years or so for updates that will continue to guide my practice management.  I also liked how the speakers provided updates that have come out after the submission of their slides.”

“A very detailed, excellent review.  Several of my partners took this course for the boards and told me it is essential!”

“I shall highly recommend this CCR Course to my fellow peers.  High yield review, essential preparation for the oral boards.”

“Enjoyed! Will use material for oral board review”

“Overall  – fantastic!! Mostly fabulous, dynamic speakers, and great to hear how leaders in their field manage certain conditions.”

“This review offered high quality presentations and thorough evaluation of recent literature. I will speak highly of this course to my colleagues and recommend it highly.”

“This was an excellent experience. Thorough review that was done very well!”

“Well designed course, very thorough.”

“The conference has an excellent reputation and lived up to its reputation.”

“I agree 100% that this is a very good course for anyone preparing for oral board exams.  Thanks to the organizers of this course.”

“Excellent course, will attend in the future.”

“It was excellent! Very comprehensive and feel good overall of all topics.”

“Wonderful conference, I will recommend it to anyone taking the boards”

“Tiring, but really good information.”

“Excellent review course, excellent staff, faculty and coordinators.”

“Superb conference!”

“Overall excellent, very well thought out and organized system for the course.”

“I enjoyed the course, great speakers.”

“I will consider attending 10 years from now for updates, perhaps even lecture one day.”

“The course is very well polished and is likely the best course west of the Mississippi, I cannot offer any suggestions for improvement.”

“Best ob/gyn course I’ve ever been to, great memory triggers by majority of speakers.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone making preparation for the orals or good review for practice. Thank you.”

“This was an excellent course. I am very pleased with the review. I truly feel if I know everything that is presented then I would ace the oral boards. Excellent course!!”

“The faculty who presented at this conference were ALL incredible. I strongly feel this course will help anyone-whether preparing for the boards or just updating themselves. thank you for working so hard to make this course so incredible!”

“I believe this course is likely the best content based educational experience in preparation for the ob/gyn boards. There is no other course with the amount of content, high quality speakers, and intense learning available. I will certainly be attending this conference in the future to maintain evidence-based medicine practices.”

“Excellent and thorough course.”

“This course is great, I will come back in 5 years before my MOC test.”

“Outstanding! ”

“The quality of the speakers, topic selections, and pace have made this the best intensive review course that I’ve been able to find.”

“From beginning to end, the entire program is a class act! I could not ask anything more from the PRI organization to the professors to the hotel management. Plus and most important, the course itself was packed with tons of useful “clinical” information. Thank you so very much.”

“It was an excellent comprehensive review. It is something I would recommend to others for board review or just an update for their practice.”

“The quality of the slides is thorough and very easy to follow. Could be used as reference in future. Will let you know how helpful it was after I get my score back. The course overall was a great experience. It covered every topic thoroughly and outline ACOG guidelines. Definitely will recommend to colleagues. The speakers were all wonderful, they kept us going for 10 days! Thank you!”

“Know that I have really been exposed/immersed in a serious/intense review when I ran into the Minnesota Gopher football players and all I can think is “wow 90% of you guys must have been shoulder dystocias and I know how to mange that!” Great course!”

“Will come back for updates!”

“I will be back for recertification.”

“I had no idea what to expect of this course. For me, this was an excellent course in many ways. The course material, lecture topics and speakers were in general superb. This gave me an opportunity to refresh old information, correlate my practice patterns with current data and standard of care and also learn new information that I will take back to my other four partners!”

“Excellent conference, well organized and the speakers were knowledgeable and presented their topics very well.”

“I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to attend a course with some of the greatest teachers in our field.”

“The art of medicine has been under attack! I feel this course has reminded me why I chose this profession. Thank you.”

“Everything was great! ”

“This was the best conference I have ever attended. I will recommend this course to others. The speakers were excellent and I will make changes in my private practice.”

“This course is outstanding and very well organized. I am truly impressed and will likely take this again in the future. The level of academic lecturing was inspiring and the content was extremely comprehensive. Thanks!”

“Outstanding course; very complete review that has no gaps that I could see.”

“This was extremely helpful to me in preparation for oral boards. The faculty leading all sessions were all very knowledgeable, practical and gave me at least a somewhat “sneak peak” into what to expect.”

“I have attended this course many times and you continue to provide an excellent educational enrichment.”

“I can’t say enough great things about this course! The staff and speakers were all outstanding. I truly appreciate every ones time, efforts, etc. in proving such a great program. I am taking my boards in December and will recommend this course highly to anyone for board prep or clinical review. I plan to attend again in the future.”