5 Benefits of Attending a Live CME Conference

Posted September 12, 2016 by Stacy Bolzenius

5 Benefits of Attending a Live CME Conference

Earning continuing medical education credits is a requirement in many states for women’s health professionals to be board-certified and maintain their license. Those who must earn CME credits can do so online or at live conferences. While online programs offer convenience and allow doctors to complete them on their own schedule, there are several advantages of attending a live CME conference instead.

1. They encourage discussions

Live conferences provide doctors with the opportunity to engage in discussions with presenters about educational material, which can help them understand it better. Some of these presentations allow audience members to ask questions, while others are also set up to allow the audience to provide answers to questions as well.

2. They provide networking opportunities

Attending a conference gives doctors a chance to meet other women’s health professionals from around the U.S. These conferences provide many opportunities to chat with others at meals, before and after presentations and during any social events that take place, such as happy hours. Networking can help doctors expand their knowledge and improve their practice by connecting with others and sharing information on their experiences dealing with patients.

3. They introduce new ideas and approaches

Learning from an online program can teach doctors new concepts, but attending a conference in person takes this one step further. Being at a conference takes doctors out of their usual surroundings, which can inspire new ideas. They can also find out about the newest recommendations and approaches in healthcare from experts at conferences. Some of these also have booths available that provide doctors with ideas for changing their routine or adjusting their workflow, which can help encourage fresh thinking.

Attending a conference gives doctors a chance to meet other women's health professionals from around the U.S.

4. They offer practical experience

Taking a continuing medical education course online might involve watching videos that show new procedural methods or other demonstrations. Although these videos can be informative and provide doctors with the knowledge they need, being able to practice these techniques in person can help improve their skills. Conferences often have workshops that give doctors a chance to try out new equipment or practice new techniques.

5. They explain new or modified regulations

Doctors can find these regulations online, but the information presented can be confusing and difficult to fully understand. Some conferences include presentations that explain these regulations in more detail and provide information on how these changes might affect doctors and what doctors can do to prepare for them. Doctors also have an opportunity to ask questions about any information on regulations that they do not understand and receive clear answers.

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