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Practice Policies Your Staff Will Love

Posted August 29, 2016 by Stacy Bolzenius

Like any medical practice, an OB/GYN office must have policies to promote smooth operations, efficiency and good customer service. Women’s health care can be complex, and women are savvy customers who know the difference between staff who follow policies and obviously care about their patients, and those who give lip service or flat-out ignore the rules. Getting staff buy-in takes planning, clear and well-written policies, good communication, effective utilization and a team environment. Last resort: lower the boom on employees Continue reading…

Have Young Adults Given Up their Medical Privacy for Free or Low-Cost Insurance?

Posted August 15, 2016 by Stacy Bolzenius

The high cost of health insurance made it necessary for young adults to fight for the ability to stay on their parent’s policies past the age of 18. Their request was granted when the Affordable Care Act was enacted, allowing young adults to continue coverage under their parents’ coverage umbrella until the age of 26, even if the adult child marries or moves out on their own. Sounds great, right? Although it’s great that more young people are getting affordable health Continue reading…