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CDC Recommends Antiviral Medication for Pregnant Women

Posted February 13, 2015 by admin

Antivirals and the Flu? Yes, Says the CDC Almost everyone knows that annual vaccinations are essential for just about everyone in order to avoid influenza, more commonly referred to as the flu. However, for 2015, the CDC recommends treatment with antiviral medication as well for many patients, and the FDA has recently approved antiviral medications for treating the flu. Clinicians should note that these treatments do not replace the need for vaccination; they are intended to be used in conjunction Continue reading…

Engaging the Obese Patient

Posted February 6, 2015 by admin

Doctors and other healthcare personnel are in the perfect position to provide women's health advice especially for those who suffer from obesity. Yet the subject isn't brought up as frequently as it should be. Doctors and other healthcare professionals don't broach the topic because it is awkward. Let's take a look at some tips to start a helpful conversation. When a healthcare provider speaks with an obese patient about her weight problem, he should be as empathetic, humane and respectful Continue reading…