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New Surgeon General Seeks Solutions to Socioeconomic Health Disparities

Posted January 16, 2015 by admin

The recent Ebola crisis highlights the need for a surgeon general who is unafraid of bold leadership. Vivek Murthy, whose appointment to the position was confirmed on December 15, is no stranger to leadership when he believes in a cause. Murthy founded Doctors for America, an advocacy group seeking to make high-quality health care available to everyone. How Will Murthy’s Appointment Affect Women’s Health? Murthy is a practicing internist who is particularly interested in prevention, especially as it applies to Continue reading…

The Importance of Continuing Medical Education

Posted January 9, 2015 by admin

The medical field is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies, practices, and innovations. Therefore, a nurse or health care specialist's education doesn't end once a degree is obtained. Instead, all medical professionals need to continue their education throughout their career in order to provide the highest possible level of patient care, advance one's career, maintain membership in professional organizations, and more. CME for Improved Patient Care Not a day goes by that a new medical study isn't published or Continue reading…